Bridgewater Arnis De Mano



  • There are many reasons why students take an interest in this style of martial arts. The benefits range from physical fitness, weight-loss, discipline, focus, self control, leadership skills, flexibility, patience and to gaining confidence. Others are interested in building strength in self defense techniques.
  • Regardless of your age or physical strength, this club offers all levels of training. Our focus is to offer a positive and controlled environment where we can develop skills and knowledge within this art.
  • Martial Art students (children) are very well behaved no matter what type of background they come from. Former problem kids with attitudes will gain respect and discipline. Emotions such as anger and fear are better controlled through training.
  • Regular exercise is the best way to improve your mood. Martial Arts relieves stress and frustration which in return improves your mood.
  • One of the main benefits is knowledge you gain from self defense. Knowing how to protect yourself and loved ones is an asset in today’s world.
  • Will boost your level of confidence as you train and grow.
  • Martial arts can make the person physically stronger and mentally sharper.
  • The club gives bullied children the self-esteem to know they can protect themselves if a situation arises. Builds their confidence.
  • The club provides social interaction with all ages. Shy people become more outgoing.
  • Improves attention span at school/work.
  • Children Fitness Tax Credit Approved.

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